Advice Lives - Shoot/Edit
The Unbiased Advice Lives series filmed at the lovely where we also rented a Canon Mark 1.
Advice Lives is a live recorded advisor session where a genuine client is receiving some financial advice on different matters. We had 3 cameras running so as to be as unobtrusive on the meeting as possible. Each advisor session was shot in one day along with cutaways and a Q&A session for the advisor and client. I was a one man crew doing the sound and camera work.
Financial Tips Vlogs
Unbiased first approached me to design the video style for their brand and edit some video vlogs they had shot. They wanted to break the usual dull mould of financial videos with fun animation and motion graphics.
We developed the edit and animation style during the trial video and after the first batch of videos I was then hired to shoot the proceeding vlogs.
Below are a range of video I have made for Unbiased from MoGraph Testimonials to Promos.
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