The Factory

The Carrot and Stick Approach... Minus The Carrot.

Writer - Director - Editor

The Factory is a short satirical comedy exploring the lengths people will go to follow the creative carrot and how far those holding the stick are willing to dangle it.

Follow Eleanor, a young and ambitious intern as she delves into the crazy world of The Factory, learning to survive under the ever watchful, bloodshot eyes of The Boss.

The Factory is London’s leading box manufacturing agency, channeling some of the best talent into cutting edge designs... well that’s what their marketing department has the public believe. On Eleanor’s first day she will definitely have her work cut out for her but will the job be the career leap she desires?

Won Best Comedy and was nominated for 5 other awards at
Southampton International Film Festival 2016.
The Factory Teaser

The teaser used to raise the main budget through Kickstarter for the film.

Sean Keaney

Jason Weidner

Leah Lawry-Johns

Ast Camera
Chris Lynch

The Boss
Andy Baker
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