Camera - Video Editor - VFX - Colourist

An evening of run & gun filming with Sting ABC Croydon during a training session.

With the edit I wanted to get away from the overly serious image of most boxing promos and make the club/sport seem more accessible and friendly than it is sometimes portrayed.

I went a bit 70s with aesthetic to match the song sample.

I also animated the existing logo for the opening sequence.

The gym hadn't been fully setup by the time we filmed which limited the shots I could capture.

Shot on Sony A7R III with a Ronin M

Edited on Premiere
Effects on After Effects
Graded on DaVinci Resolve

Final Form - Sampa The Great
Sting Trainer Vignettes

To showcase some of the boxing trainers at the club I made short vignettes of them teaching.
These could then be used on their social media.
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